Who is XEKE.com?

It its hey-day during the Bush years, the majority of the pieces found on this page were written by two guys, Zach Myers and Ryan Gates, seeking to put their philosophy on the record. They each have their own style, and the variety was a fun mix. They are two normal, family-loving, conservative-to-the-core guys. XEKE.com represents not the inside-the-beltway crowd, the big-city pundits, or the publish-or-perish columnists, but the pro-American voice that tends to get drowned out in the mainstream media.

Zach Myers is the Founder & Senior Fellow of XEKE.com, LLC.
He is the engine behind the operation. Zach, self-admittedly, is the name-caller at XEKE.com, but he is also passionate about improving and preserving life through politics, and this can clearly be seen in his columns.

Zach is a Kent State University grad with a B.A. in Finance. He is the President of Myers Financial Resources, LLC, a private practice financial services firm located downtown Cuyahoga Falls. Zach is also a policy analyst for a major insurance company. He was the GOP Candidate for Cuyahoga Falls Ward 5 City Council in 2009 and was narrowly defeated by the chairwoman of the Cuyahoga Falls Demorcrat Party. He has yet to decide if he will put his name on the ballot again.

Born and raised in Northeast Ohio, he has a growing family that includes his loving wife, Kristen, his two sons, John and James, as well as a fun hound-mix named Oliver.

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Ryan Gates ran the website and wrote much of the remainder of the content for XEKE.com. A veterinarian by trade, and a Christian and family-man at root, his ability to keep up with the main page faded as the kids increased in number.

These days, with family and jobs keeping them busy, the writing doesn't flow like it used to. Most of the driving force of XEKE.com's philosophy can be found by following Zach on Twitter @xekedotcom.

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